About Hat Art Club

Join us at the Hat Art Club!

In 2021, the Hat Art Club celebrates its 75th year of providing Medicine Hat and surrounding areas with a place to come together, share the love and joy of being creative, and grow our collective artistic skills. The HAC is now delivering a broad range of educational classes in a Zoom format, to provide our community a creative outlet during the current pandemic. We are also exploring new ways to hold art shows and sales.

Be sure to check the "Register Before" date. Up to that time, you may register through our website. After that, contact our Director of Education at: directoreducation.hat.art.club@gmail.com

Registered students will have access to a recorded version of each class for two weeks after it's "live" date, so that if you miss the starting date, you can catch up. You do not have to be a member to take the virtual classes, but membership provides a 50% discount on class fees and discounts at designated art supply retailers. Membership is $125.   

Visit our website: www.hatartclub.com 

Please contact us by email: hat.art.club@gmail.com 

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hatartclub