About Wannawafel

It all started with an idea, of course, a custom built waffle cart set up in the Victoria Inner Harbour with a cute little store to follow that same year. Soon after, expansion was unavoidable, it became a passion, demanding full-time attention. For founder Renaat Marchand, the best way to approach this was to travel with his son Arno and the waffle cart to Toronto. They successfully made it all the way through CBC Dragons' Den Show back in 2010, looking for professional help. The show generated a lot of interest in Canada and worldwide. The expectations were high, the sharks were circling and what we got out of the show was the exposure, but no dragon however. It was definitely worth the trip, a great story, and we would do it again. Picking through all the noise and living up to the expectations has been the challenge, they call it the Dragons' Den effect.

The Liege Wafel is a yeast-based dough which is cooked in a cast iron wafel iron. In the dough is Belgian pearl beet sugar which caramelizes on the outside forming a wondering crust. The outside is crisp while the inside remains chewy. The wafel may be eaten as is or elevate it to the next level with a variety of sauces and fruit based toppings. The sky is the limit! 

Wannawafel Medicine Hat will be a permanent fixture at the Market @ Medalta so come on down and dive into a wafel. 

Wannawafel Medicine Hat is a mobile food cart which will be present at various events, festivals, and shows. Wannawafel Medicine Hat also offers specialty catering options with no request too small.