About Crazy Mosaic Lady

Artist Biography

I’ve loved impressionist paintings, stained glass windows and mosaics my whole life. I’m drawn by the textured strokes of the impressionist painting; I love that glass can be cut and shaped to create a stained glass window; I want to touch the intricately laid pieces of tesserae in a mosaic. The process for all 3 involves using bits and pieces of color to create an image or design.

I started playing with mosaic and stained glass around 2000. I took some stained glass and mosaic classes, got hooked, and started making my own designs. I enjoy working in both mediums, but I’m especially drawn to mosaic because it allows greater variety and flexibility for my ideas. I use any and all types of glass and ceramics for my pieces – plates, bowls, cups, plant pots, vases, knick knacks, and anything else that can be broken. I buy all my materials from thrift stores and garage sales. There’s an unlimited range of colors and textures to be found at these stores, all at unbeatable prices. More recently I’ve started adding another level of dimension - bits and pieces of beads, jewelry and other fun ‘findings’. By about 2010, as my work started taking over the house, my 4 kids started calling me the ‘Crazy Mosaic Lady’, and it stuck. Alyce Wickert.