K-MAG-YOYO is Medicine Hat's premier party rock band. We play everything from Johnny Cash to Metallica to Young MC and everything in between. 

We were a throw together band from a couple existing bands in the Hat. Our first and what was supposed to be our only show was in Irvine, AB. We had one 2 hour practice a couple days before the show and hit the stage and played 4hrs worth of songs like we had been together for years. K-MAG-YOYO powder kegged from there and we haven't looked back.

There has been some changes in the band over the years as sometimes life gets in the way. We send out a huge thank you to all that been involved with K-MAG-YOYO you know who you are.

K-MAG-YOYO has been voted by the fans Best of Medicine Hat Entertainer of the year for 2018 and 2019.