About Lifetalk Counselling Services

Lifetalk Counselling Services is an independent, non-denominational counselling agency operating under the auspices of Newell Christian Counselling Society, a registered non-profit, charitable organization.

As an agency, we complement the social safety net in our community by providing counselling service for 
those who prefer the privacy of an independent agency. We offer an assurance that the counselling staff will be Christian in its orientation - an orientation not necessarily shared by the client. We cooperate with other social agencies in the Brooks community, both informally and as a member of the Brooks Child and Family Services Council. Referrals come from other agencies, the courts, and employee benefit plans but mostly from previously satisfied clients.

HISTORY: In 1986, the EID Ministerial of the area recognized the need for professional counselling in the Brooks area, and began providing service through an agency in Medicine Hat. In 1993, a registered society was established. Currently, the agency has three counselling staff providing quality, confidential counselling and seminars to persons without prejudice of race, color or creed.

FEES: Lifetalk uses a sliding scale to calculate fees according to family income, with the commitment to not refuse counsel to anyone because of their inability to pay the full fee. This is made possible by Grasslands FCSS  and United Way grants, and our charitable supporters.

GOVERNANCE: Lifetalk is governed by an independent Board of Directors chosen from among persons committed to providing confidential counselling to our city and surrounding area.