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Sun FEB 03 | 2–4 pm

The Stories Were Not Told


From 1914 to 1920, Canada imprisoned thousands of men who had immigrated to Canada from the Austro-Hungarian Empire as “enemy aliens,” many with their families. Most of those imprisoned were Ukrainians; almost all were civilians. Photographic artist Sandra Semchuk's book, The Stories Were Not Told, presents this largely unrecognized event through photography, cultural theory and personal testimony, including stories told at last by internees and their descendants. Sandra Semchuk describes how acts of legislated racism have shaped lives and society. She discusses how to move toward greater reconciliation, remembrance and healing. This is necessary reading for anyone seeking to understand the cross-cultural and intergenerational consequences of Canada’s first internment camps.

Café Galt

2–4 pm | registration not required | museum admission applies | free to annual pass holders

Lecture, Adults & Seniors