Dates & Times:
Exhibition runs: September 8 - October 19, 2018

Danin Lawrence—Book of Orton House


work by Danin Lawrence
Passage Gallery
Exhibition runs: September 8 - October 19, 2018

Artist StatementThis work was inspired by Swedish textile artist Britta Marakatt-Labba. Marakatt-Labba created an embroidery work 23.5 meters in length entitled Historja – a narrative of the mythology and culture of the Sami people. Growing up in a reindeer herding family, Marakatt-Labba additionally depicts the differing periods of labour within this work. This included the changing of the seasons. Marakatt-Labba wrote of how embroidery work is a “journey in time and space in which every stitch breathes experiences and reflection and creates stories.” My own interest in thread guides me through my art practice with a natural rhythm. A thread can be used to express language in addition to telling a story. The thread is in many ways about connection – a connection to ideas and a connection to the past and there is even a sense of connection to my future. Working with textiles in diverse ways feels so currently necessary.

Book of Orton House is a work that stems from photo albums that I put together as a pre-teen. These photo albums were my stories gathered from a very particular time. As an eleven-year-old, I can recall musing that there would be no better time in my life. These photo albums were my effort to preserve my life in what I considered a deeply special time and place. Now as an adult and some 34 years later, I am revisiting those efforts of my eleven-year-old self within a work that journeys backward and forward, across time and space to bridge that distance.
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