Dates & Times:
October 18, 2017 Registration/Breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

John Maxwell Company Leadership Training


John Maxwell Company Leadership Training - The 5 Levels of Leadership

Please join Davis Auto Group as we host a 1 day interactive workshop with a certified John Maxwell Co. coach and trainer on the 5 Levels of Leadership
What you'll learn:

  • Demonstrate the competencies needed to grow as a leader
  • Identify who you are as leader and what your current leadership level is with your boss, peers and direct reports
  • Develop a road map for leadership development
  • Understand the difference between positional leadership and true influence
  • Better relate to those you lead by moving from title driven positional leadership to true influence
  • Compound team production by coaching and mentoring your staff
  • Establish deliberate habits successful leaders use to grow on a daily basis
  • Develop an action plan and roadmap for success to increase your level of influence with your boss, peers and direct reports.
Your Investment
$500 provides you with breakfast, a light lunch and beverages throughout the day.  This is in addition to a full day interactive workshop and workshop materials.

More about this workshop:
Several contemporary surveys cite thousands of employees reporting a whopping 70% of their workplace engagement rides on the relationship with their direct supervisor. Engaged employees = Productive employees. According to John C. Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on LEADERSHIP.” In other words, your bottom line depends on the effectiveness of your leaders. So, what's the best way to increase the effectiveness of your leaders? 
Develop a leadership culture that:
  • Infuses a basic leadership language the entire organization can speak and understand.
  • Quickly shifts the culture from positional and title-driven to relational and influence-driven.
  • Develops a framework for consistently reproducing leaders.

October 18, 2017
Registration/Breakfast at 8:30 a.m.

Heritage Hall at Exhibition Park
$500 per participant

To register, please contact Katherine Wyrostok at 403-942-8061/Kathy@davisautogroup.caorShawn Nelson at