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Sept 8 - Nov 13 Mon - Fri | 12 - 5 PM

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Jeff Goring | Thinking of Others


This fall the Esplanade presents Thinking of Others, a solo exhibition of large-scale graffiti paintings by Medicine Hat–based artist Jeff Goring, aka Sonz1. These sixteen-foot graffiti works are based on kindness and were inspired by Biblical quotes such as “Love your neighbour as yourself” and “Do not look to your own interests but to the interests of others.” The result of the artist’s prolific twenty-year street-art career, they speak to the evolution of the street-art genre—graffiti has extended beyond the forbidden walls of alleyways and immersed itself within the contemporary art world.

The conceptual foundations of these works are a direct reflection of Sonz1 himself: kind, happy, positive and creative. He intends for the works, which were created during the current pandemic, to remind us to treat others as we would like to be treated. He explains, “We are living in such a crazy time, and people can be a big help if they would just take a minute to think of others.”

Sonz1 has travelled all over the world sharing his creativity and passion for graffiti and hip-hop culture. His works are found in over fourteen countries, from Norway to England and as far away as Australia. He has worked with Nike, Lululemon, Coca-Cola and the Toronto Raptors. He represents the Gospel Graffiti Crew, a collective made up of twenty-five Christian-based graffiti artists from all over the world.