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Sept 8 - Nov 13 Mon - Fri | 12 - 5 PM

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Zachari Logan | Outgrowth


This fall the Esplanade presents Outgrowth, a solo exhibition by internationally renowned Regina-based artist Zachari Logan.
These exquisitely rendered pastel drawings and ceramic sculptures metaphorically communicate perceptions of memory, mortality, the body and queer identity. The use of flora in Logan’s work is layered with symbolic intent and challenges gender norms and expectations. Through his use of flora, Logan conveys concepts rooted in humanity’s connectedness to land, visually articulating how we are an extension of it.

Artists have employed flora imagery and symbolism for centuries. Botanical imagery bloomed in the fifteenth century as artists became interested in depicting objects from the natural world. Beyond their decorative purpose, plants and flowers visually communicated symbolic meaning. Logan pushes this symbolism further in the drawing Bruising; precisely drawn flora varieties cascade down a soft blue background, simultaneously expressing both the strength and fragility of the body and the brevity of life.

Zachari Logan (b. Saskatoon, 1980) is a Canadian artist working mainly with large-scale drawing, ceramic and installation practices. Logan’s work has been exhibited widely, in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and can be found in public and private collections worldwide, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Remai Modern.