Dates & Times:
Exhibition runs Sep 24th - Nov 23 Closing reception: Nov 23 from 2-4pm

Touch the Conversation - Two Selves Exhibition


The closing reception will be held during Medalta's Heritage Christmas Market - November 23rd from 2-4pm.

The main concept of Grace Han's work is to express her feelings of being between somewhere – as a newcomer from Asia, as a person who has a slight physical frame but who holds an unseen boldness inside of her, and as a traditionally trained ceramic artist who is now trying to embrace her originality.Han creates large scale works with groggy red clay to express boldness. At the same time, she also creates finely detailed work from porcelain that looks very fragile and elegant next to the rough red clay. These contrasting forms reflect the juxtaposition of boldness and softness that also resides within her.Han uses traditional techniques such as throwing large pieces on a traditional kick wheel and making large slabs on the floor, both of which require tremendous physical work. By tiring her body, she can let go of the negative emotion and frustration that has built-up inside of her from the struggles she faces between two cultures and two languages. Then she sits down and produce hundreds or thousands of small objects to process thoughts that are scattered around.By doing all of the above, Han creates her own language with clay where she hopes the audience can experience her story.During this exhibition, Touch the Conversation – Two Selves, viewers are invited to touch the pieces and to re-place small porcelain objects to make their own patterns in the gallery space. Han sees this direct interaction between the works and the audience as a way of having an authentic conversation without words.

Grace Han is a ceramic artist originally trained in Seoul, South Korea. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dankook University where she specialized in traditional Korean Ceramic techniques and skills. She then worked for several years in one of the largest ceramic companies in Korea and built on her ceramics knowledge and experience outside of academia. She immigrated to Canada in 2011 and received her Master of Fine Arts from University of Manitoba. Now she is pursuing her career as a ceramic artist in Canada – her new home.