Swollen Members and much more this week


It is a relatively slower week this week, however things kick into high gear on Tuesday, when two great gigs are happening. Look for interview with Prevail of the Swollen Members about  their new CD  “ brand New Day ” and brand new  look out on life. They play Studio 54 on Tuesday with Animal Nation,  and local rappers Pyke,  F-Bomb and DJ Fuze.
 Also on Tuesday, Ottawa Valley folk/roots musician Brock Zeman brings his duo to Lethbridge to play the Slice, Tuesday as well. It is a great week to catch local acts with   the Dirti Speshuls releasing their new CD  at the Slice, April 25. That and much more can be found in the week’s preview of www.labeat.ca including the details of Trevor Panczak and Rough Stock’s gig sat the Moose Hall, April 25.
 If you want to bang your head, check out Tribune at the Slice, April 26, they will be playing with SS Doom, Trancide and MK Ultra.
 For a variety of music for good causes, Kevan Tolley is putting on a fundraiser for MS featuring a variety of performers at the Mocha Cabana, April 27.
For something a little different, local jazz musician Herb Hicks  has released his autobiography “To and From Gigs, Challenges, Choices.”

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Friday, April 25, 2014