Women Hold Majority of Jobs in 7 Sectors according to ATB Financial.


The recent federal budget’s focus on gender equality offers an opportunity to take a deeper look at Alberta’s female workforce.

There were 1,039,400 jobs held by women in Alberta last year compared to 1,247,600 jobs held by men. At 45.5 per cent, the proportion of jobs held by women is about four percentage points below the proportion of women in Alberta’s working age population.

The differences are more pronounced when the numbers are broken down by sector. Women hold the majority of jobs in seven sectors, with the largest proportion of jobs held by women found in health care and social assistance (82.1 per cent), educational services (70.7 per cent), and finance and insurance (65.4 per cent).

The sectors with the smallest proportion of female workers are construction (13.7 per cent), oil and gas extraction (21.8 per cent), transportation and warehousing (22.1 per cent), and manufacturing (22.6 per cent).

The numbers show that women work in all areas of the Alberta economy but are more likely to be working in the services-producing sector than the goods-producing sector.

Posted on:
Thursday, March 01, 2018