New Franchisee Supersizes Investment in Brooks.


Significant changes are coming to McDdonald’s in Brooks. Starting Jan 15, the dining room will be closed for four weeks while the restaurant undergoes a $1.2M modernization. This is just the latest change in a regeneration that has been underway since the franchise changed hands 7 months ago.

“We are focused on implementing a culture of guest experience” said the restaurant’s new Operation Manager Jordan Brown. And since taking the reigns Jordan has been focused on one thing: guest satisfaction.

“We have hired ‘Guest Experience Leader’s’ to help during busy periods” he explained when we sat down to chat about this article. McDonalds has also introduced table-service if you decide to eat in and, if you are in a hurry, you can use the McD’s app and to place and pay for your order before you get to the store! They will have it ready at the counter, drive-thru or even curbside when you arrive!

This comes on the heels of recent upgrades like self order-taking kiosks, fast, free WIFI and a self-serve beverage counter that empowers guests to make their soft drinks to their preference: no more “extra ice/no ice/can you mix Orange and Sprite?” It’s all within your reach, literally.

So, what should you expect when the renos are complete? A revamped interior and exterior with modern finishes and designs. (If you have been to the new Red Cliff McDonald’s, you’ve had a preview of what’s coming for Brooks!). The PlayPlace will be refurbished and will now include interactive touch screen games. Also the much-loved Birthday Program that was a staple of so many of our childhoods will be re-launched!

During construction the drive-thru will remain open and curbside-delivery (via the mobile app) will be available, too!

And to say thank-you to the community, there are going to be exclusive deals at this location during the renos. Look for $1 McCafe coffee to continue, $5 McPicks and lucrative coupons in the mail. And once the renos are complete, plan to attend their Guest Celebration Weekend to see all the changes in person.

Jordan is also expecting to grow his staff from 60 – 75 in the spring. McDonald’s is well-known for hiring a diverse workforce with opportunities for growth. For those looking to get a post-secondary education, McDonalds offers scholarships for its workforce.

And if you are one of the lucky new-hires, you are joining a list of impressive McDonalds alumni. Did you know Rachel McAdams, Jay Leno, Shania Twain, Fred Durst, James Franko, P!nk, Jeff Bezos, Sharon Stone, SEAL, (former Brooks Mayor) Don Weisbeck have all worked at McDonalds? It’s a proven place to start your career.

Or, like Jordan, you may opt to work your way up the McDonalds corporate ladder. “I started 18 years ago in Steinbach, MB as a member of the crew. As my first real job, it provided a fun environment that allowed me to work side by side with my friends.” he said. “It’s really the progressive and rewarding training and development that has kept me hooked. I’m proud of all the many different people that I’ve met and been able to have a positive impact on all because of McDonald’s. My dream is to continue to learn and grow and to one day become a McDonald’s Franchisee.” he added.

The Chamber of Commerce would like McDonald’s for the support it gives our community. From donating to the SPEC Fundraising calendar to supporting the monthly community lunches at The Well, the folks at McDonalds support the Chamber’s mandate to make the Region of Newell the best place to live, work, invest and raise a family. We would also like to thank Jordan for his service in the Chamber’s Board of Directors.


Posted on:
Friday, January 12, 2018