Embrace the CHANGE! Parking Meter Replacement is Coming to our Downtown


Downtown Lethbridge's parking meters are about to get a new look in feel with the Parking Replacement Project.

The primary objective of paid and time zoned parking in downtown Lethbridge is to achieve parking turnover which results in equitable availability of parking to shoppers and visitors to downtown. This also helps foster a vibrant downtown with increased business activity and revenue opportunities for the downtown businesses.

This project will replace the aging downtown parking meter infrastructure and expand the pay-parking zones in the remaining areas of the downtown.

This program will consider options for replacement of the aging parking meter infrastructure in downtown Lethbridge with new parking meters and alternative payment technology. It will expand the on-street pay-parking in the remaining areas of the downtown.

There are currently a little over 1,500 parking meters in the Downtown. Approximately 95% of the parking meter infrastructure, parking meter housings and support poles are greater than 25 years old. These housings and poles are starting to show signs of wear and look unkept. Many of the meters cannot be reprogrammed to accept new coins or other payment methods. The outdated meter housings are also susceptible to vandalism. Maintenance of our current parking meters continues to be a challenge and we expect this challenge to increase exponentially, as the infrastructure ages.

Lethbridge residents were invited to a few information and public feedback sessions in the past year and the city is close to determining the systems and zoning.

During these sessions participants learned more about what has been happening on the project, they were able to provide opinions on future meter locations and time zones, participants were able to see how different types of parking meters work and of course have their questions answered and feedback taken back to the city.

 If you'd like to learn more about the parking meter sessions that took place earlier this year:

The City of Lethbridge hosted an information and feedback session on Wednesday, December 2. Those in attendance received details about the options available and provided feedback about the options.

Missed the December 2nd Session?

For more information about the Parking Meter Replacement Project, please contact

Project Manager

Val Fellger, Parking Coordinator
Transportation Operations
403 320 4085



Posted on:
Monday, July 04, 2016