Plum and Kapow Coincidentally Join Forces


Synergy is taking place on 6th street south between two businesses in our downtown. Owner of Plum, Erica Joosse, and owners of Kapow Ltd. Comics, Wallie and Kallie Desruisseaux are working together with Synergy Permaculture Inc. to bring quality produce to Plum’s menu.

Josh Hellawell and his wife Kayla are the masterminds behind Synergy Permaculture Inc.

Their mission is to rebuild soil and to reclaim degraded and unused urban land to vibrant perennial food forests and urban agriculture in the city of Lethbridge.

Synergy also has land sharers in order to grow more crops.

“We have clients who share their land with us and that’s how we are able to grow all our produce. Currently, there are 23 locations in the city that we farm on. In return for allowing us to farm on their land, we give them 10 per cent of what we grow,” says Josh.

Joosse and the Desruisseaux’s were immediately captivated by what the Hellawells were doing in Lethbridge and wanted to be a part of it.

Joosse wanted to purchase specific herbs from Synergy for Plum’s menu. Kallie initially saw a Synergy Permaculture Inc. Facebook post and got in contact with Josh. Due to the Desruisseaux’s limited space, they were only able to farm herbs, which is exactly what Plum was starting to grow with Synergy Permaculture. When the Desruisseaux’s found out Joosse was working with Synergy as well, they offered their land as a space to grow and farm herbs for Joosse’s restaurant. The partnership between Kapow and Plum was completely coincidental. Neither of the owners had had any idea they were both working with Synergy Permaculture Inc.

The partnership between Kapow and Plum was completely coincidental.  Neither of the owners had had any  idea they were both working with Synergy Permaculture Inc.

“We believe in supporting local and doing our very best to use only top-notch products,” says Joosse. “That's why a partnership with Synergy Permaculture was an easy choice.”

Josh Hellawell has been working closely with Plum’s Red Seal Head Chef, Tanner Elliott, to hand pick local seeds to plant specifically for plums menu. Some of the herbs you can’t even buy in stores.

“These crops are now growing all over the city, including in some of our neighbours yards.” says Joosse.

The Desruisseaux’s believe in the idea of supporting something that contributes to growing local food and knowing the money spent is being cycled back into the community.

Plum’s mission is to provide impeccable food and caring service, celebrating life and the love of dining.

“We love being downtown on 6th street. We have wonderful neighbours and friends and work hard to contribute to our vibrant downtown.”

The owner of Plum also admits it’s not just about the exceptional product Synergy Permaculture provides.

“It’s about the true synergy between friends that make our food feel and taste the way it does. From the way our product is grown, the way it's treated after and the warm and caring way we treat our guests and friends, it all fits together and that's true synergy.”

If you are eager to learn more about Synergy Permaculture and urban farming, visit

Make sure to come into Plum and taste their exquisite dishes made with fresh local ingredients from Synergy. Also, thanks to the Kapow owners, there are some tasty cocktails coming soon to Plum. Keep your eyes peeled.





Posted on:
Monday, May 16, 2016