Got 60 Minutes to Escape From LA?


You have 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzle, unlock the mystery...
How does it work? : Teams of 2-6 players are locked into one of two themed game rooms where intuition, observation skills and collaboration are required to find clues, solve a series of puzzles and ultimately escape the room within 60 minutes.

It’s a perfect night out with friends, families, date nights, youth groups and maybe even your co-workers.

We sat down with the crew from Escape From LA to find out whose behind the mystery solving game.

BRZ: Tell me about who’s behind the scenes at Escape From LA (EFL).

Corbyn Wehlage from EFL: My business partners Holly Wright and Adriene Corbiere travelled abroad last year to Dublin and Kiev respectively. They searched Trip Advisor for things to do and at the top of the list was an activity call an “Escape Room.” After they both had tried the experience, they loved it and wanted to bring it back home. They brought the idea to my wife Dalyce Wehlage and I  … and the rest is History

BRZ: So what exactly is an “Escape Room” and why should people come and check out Escape From LA?

EFL: We are an interactive game called an escape room, where we lock teams of 2-6 inside one of our two themed rooms. Inside those rooms are various puzzles, ciphers, codes, etc., which helps teams ultimately, find the key to escape the room within 60 minutes. Our two themed rooms are “The Conspiracy” where players are KGB agents infiltrating the office of a well known FBI Agent, and “The Heist”, where players are a group of thieves trying to steal a valuable artifact from an eccentric billionaire.

People who come and experience our rooms will literally forget where they are for 1 hour because they are so immersed in the world we have created. It is different from todays attractions because we are putting an emphasis on communication, team work, and adaptive thinking. It forces you to be engaged in something real and not something intangible like the internet or a video game console. We believe this appeals to a variety of different groups such as youth groups, corporate team building, date nights, couples nights etc.

BRZ: Why did you choose downtown Lethbridge to open up shop?

EFL: We LOVE downtown Lethbridge! We have seen the revitalization of the area with such great attractions like, Kapow Comics, the Drunken Sailor, Plum, Mocha Cabana, the amazing CASA gallery and we think it inspired us to be a part of it.

BRZ: Any reason you chose Terrace Court Building to open Escape From LA?

EFL:  We wanted to make sure we weren’t setting up shop in an area already concentrated with great attractions. We always envisioned having a destination business that didn’t really promote walk in traffic. I think we would really feel disappointed if we had to turn away walk in customers because we were already booked. So not having that street view was important to us. We also have a great spot where parking is never going to be an issue for our customers as we have a great parkade dedicated to the Terrace Court building.

BRZ: What was the motivation to open Escape From LA?

EFL: The idea of bringin something new and exciting to Lethbridge is wat motivated us. I love the idea of being only limited by our creativity when we create worlds for our customers to experience. I think there is really something special to that.

BRZ:  What did you guys do before Escape From LA?

EFL: We are still two working families! Holly Wright and Corby Wehlage work together in the Lethbridge Public Safety Communication Centre (911 centre), Dalyce Wehlage teaches grade 4 in Stirling, and Adrien Corbiere works as a HACCP specialist at Maple Leaf Foods.

BRZ: How can people find out more about you?

EFL: Our website goes live soon, so keep an eye out at Within the site there will be a great online booking feature which will outline all the games we have available to our customers, room descriptions, and a comprehensive FAQ. We also have a great Facebook site which is where we plan on keeping team photos, reviews etc.

So the next time you hear someone say “there’s never anything to do in Lethbridge,” remember you can be locked in a room, where you have 60 minutes to escape. That sounds like something pretty awesome to do to me!





Posted on:
Friday, March 06, 2015