Discover Savoury Milonga Dance Café - A New European Restaurant


When you come downtown to Savoury Milonga Dance Café the owners Bogdan Gorny and his wife and business partner want you to walk away from their restaurant saying, “life is beautiful”.

“We want people to walk away with a positive experience, to remember the ambiance, the food we have created, and take home a happy memory to remember in their lives,” explains owner Bogdan Gorny.

Savoury food, happy tango restaurant is the literal translation to the name of the Savoury Milonga Dance Café and Bogdan and Gosia wanted to bring this exact restaurant to the downtown core.

“We were looking for a place to dance; we got our start teaching Argentinian Tango three years ago at the La Cité des Prairies School,” explained Bogdan.

They were looking to open the restaurant downtown however, at the time they were not left with a lot of options. Bogdan and Gosia had their eye on the old fire hall; unfortunately there were plans for another occupant to take over.

After returning home from a month long trip to Europe, Bogdan and Gosia were pleased to hear that the fire hall was available for them to rent.

“It was a bit scary because it’s a pretty big place,” said Bogdan
“We wanted something that had more of a European feel to it, and there is no other place in Lethbridge like the old fire hall and we just had to have it.”

Initially the Savoury Milonga Dance Café was to be just for dancing and socializing, however Bogdan and Gosia wanted to bring a modern European menu to light in Lethbridge.
Bogdan, Gosia and their daughter, who is a nutritionist by trade, designed their menu to be light and airy. This encourages visitors of the restaurant to stay, eat, dance and eat a little more with out feeling bogged down, which can happen after eating a large and rich meal. Not wanting to be know only as the dancing hot spot in Lethbridge, Savoury Milonga Dance Café wants to be recognized for their stellar performances in the kitchen as well.

“When people come they are looking for solid dinner items,” explains Bogdan.
“We started designing items like pork cheeks, stuffed tenderloin, and duck confit and people have really responded well to these options.”

Tango is the flavour of choice when it comes to dancing at the restaurant with Tuesday being their beginner evenings and Thursdays for the more advanced, however, Tango isn’t all you will find at Savoury Milonga.  You can expect to find country western dancing on Fridays, a choose your own dance style on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings are set aside for a chamber/classical music night; this is a chance for new musicians in the community to have an open stage to perform.

When teaching tango Bogdan wants to “build your dictionary” of the Tango.

“We teach you a few words to get the basics of your tango vocabulary,” explains Bogdan.
“When dancing you’re creating words and with tango we like to look at the dance as telling a story, we just teach you some sentences you can build on.”

When people come in to Savoury Milonga Dance Café and say they are afraid of this word dance, Bogdan’s response to this fear?

“If you can walk, you can dance.”





Posted on:
Friday, January 30, 2015