Show your support for Southern Alberta Film-makers on the Cinecoup Film Accelerator


Lethbridge Film-makers Gianna Isabella (Director, Writer), Daniel Howard (Writer, Producer), Scott Sikma (Producer, Marketing Strategist) have been in the local media a lot as of late with their quest to gain exposure and ultimately funding for their feature length film Rosalind Revenge via the film accelerator Cinecoup.

They have made it through the Top 60 cut, and now the Top 40 cut is currently underway and they need your support!  It’s easy to do, and it only takes a minute or so of your time to vote.  Check out their trailer for yourself here and vote, heart, like and share!  Support Southern Alberta talent!

Here is the synopsis of Rosalind Revenge:

Rosalind has been promoted to Inspector, no small feat for a woman in the city of Carnage. Soon after her promotion, Rosalind's life is turned upside down when she discovers her lover has been murdered. She must hide her private life so she can remain on the investigation to bring this killer to justice.

Rosalind, along with her partner Jack discover the killer has been targeting women in a gay support group. Jack becomes suspicious of Rosalind's motivations and closes in on her secret just as she closes in on the killer.

Rosalind's career and everything she has worked for is at risk while begging the question "is everything as it seems?"

Posted on:
Thursday, April 04, 2013