About MarKim Firewood Sales

At Markim Firewood Sales, we are proud to serve the Southern Alberta area with top quality cedar, pine and tamarack firewood.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our wood is properly stored and kept dry so you can be sure it will be a successful bonfire whether you're out camping or in the comfort of your own backyard. 

Our friendly service and quality wood keeps our customers coming back every season. Let us do the hard work so you can just sit back and get cozy by the fire!


All wood is stored inside after it is cut and split. Good for the camping trip or just in the backyard. Or heating your house in the winter time.

We currently stock pine, cedar and tamarack in mini-bulk bags:

Fir - $90

Pine  - $80

Cedar -  $65

Tamarack - $100

With winter right around the corner we are now taking orders for bulk delivery as well.

Pricing is per cord.

Fir - $350

Pine - $300

Cedar - $250

Tamarack - $400

We can deliver up to 2 cords at a time. 

Delivery charges are based on distance.

Call Marco at 403-894-7425 for more info or directions for pickup. For immediate response, please call or text.

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