About Ricardo's Restaurant

At the ripe old age of 5, Chef Bruce was first exposed to cooking from his mom (Hazel).  Bruce took food courses in Junior and High School and was bitten by the Food Bug.  He went to S.A.I.T. to take night courses and worked during the daytime until he was able to write for his Ticket - which he passed.  After completing courses in the States, as well as in Alberta, Bruce was honoured to be part of the team that cooked for H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh of England while they visited Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Chef Bruce took a short break in cooking to attend University in Toronto where he obtained his Degree in Environmental Health and after three years of field work, research and a full day of exams he passed and was given the status of "Certified Public Health Inspector as well as O.H.S.O.  After working for three Provincial Governments in Canada, he felt let down by the Bureaucracy in the Health Field in Canada and decided to put his skills to work in the Food Industry again.

After cris-crossing North America cooking and learning under various Multi-cultural Chefs', as well as the N.W.T. where he was the Executive Chef and cooked on CBC Northern Cuisine.  Bruce and his lovely wife - Martha, landed here in Taber back in 1998 where he worked in a local Hotel as a Sous Chef, then finally with Ricardo's in October 1999.  Bruce & Martha have two wonderful girls.