About Club Didi

Theatre Outré’s main performance space is housed in the McFarland Building (#210 - 517A 4th Ave S in the heart of Downtown Lethbridge.

Our vision for Club Didi is that it not only be a home base for Outré’s operations, but that it be used by other theatre and performance groups in the city who have also noticed the lack of small and affordable theatre and cabaret space.  We welcome you and hope you’ll take advantage of what Club Didi is meant to be.

We also envision that Club Didi can be a gathering place for the city’s queer community along with their friends and allies.  It is a place where judgement, prudishness and censorship are uninvited and where open expression of sexuality, humanity and creativity is embraced with abandon.

Watch for a variety of events from Club Didi including musical tributes to gay icons, strip spelling bees, Karaoke and, of course, our season of exciting theatre.

If you wish to book Club Didi for your performance or event contact us at info@theatreoutre.ca. for availability and affordable rates.

Hot Seat

Friday JAN 26th | 9:00 pm

Lip Sync Roulette

Saturday JAN 27th| 9:00pm

Starship: Gomorrah

Friday FEB 2nd | 10:00 pm

Richie's Retro Rollback

Saturday FEB 3rd | 10:00 pm.

Open Mic

Tuesday FEB 6th|8-11pm

DMTV: The Bachelorette

Friday FEB 9th |9:00pm

Valentine's is Such a Drag

Saturday FEb 10th | 9:00pm

Show Tunes sing Along

Friday FEB 16th| 9pm

Panti Rave : Boiler Room Edtion

Saturday FEB 17th| 10pm.

Queer Dance Club: Bachata

Tuesday FEB 20th | 8-11pm

Drunk Improv

Friday FEB 23rd | 9pm

Panti Raid

Saturday FEB 24th| 10pm

The Confession of Jeffery Dahmer

Monday FEB 26- Friday MARCH 2nd

Pretty, Witty and Gay

Sunday MARCH 4th|